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Ombre Powder Brows (incl. touch-up within 6 - 8 weeks)
€ 350,-
Extra touch-up within 3 months for existing clients € 50,00
Touch Up binnen (1 - 1,5 year for existing clients) € 149,00
Touch Up na (1,5 - 2 years for existing clients) € 199,00
Touch Up after 2 years

Price on request

Touch-up, Client from another studio

Price on request

Powder Brows is the newest and most defined technique for semipermanent make-up on the eyebrows. By using a machine and a delicate needle which goes up and down with speed in the first and second skin layer, you can create a beautiful natural powder effect. The technique of Powder Brows is a special manure of semipermanent make-up that creates beautiful and full eyebrows. The delicate needle leaves subtle dots on the skin that gives the natural powder effect but colors the eyebrows beautiful.

Would you like a little bit more permanent solution for the eyebrows? Have you ever dreamed about ful/, colorized eyebrows for a longer time? Then the Powder Brows treatment is a perfect fit for you.

Powder Brows is a new technique in which we can give the eyebrows a beautiful shape and make them appear fuller by means of the powder effect. It is a semipermanent treatment, which means that after 1,5 up to 2 years the effect will slowly fade away. We recommend you to schedule a touch-up treatment. This allows the shape and color-to be adjusted annually, in line with the latest eyebrow trends.

Benefits of Powderbrows

  • Form and color are adjustable to your wishes
  • Time saving
  • Full and powder effect look by the Powder Brows technique
  • Semipermanent, which gives the possibility to adjust annually the shape and/or colour of the eyebrows


Your wishes will be extensively discussed before the treatment starts and the stylist will explain the whole procedure of the treatment. The consent form will also be discussed with you. Then the stylist will proceed to draw the eyebrows, naturally taking into account your wishes and the shape of your face. Only after you are satisfied with the signed eyebrows will the stylist start the Powder Brows treatment. Hygiene and safety are paramount during treatment, which is why we fully follow GGD guidelines

The treatment will last 2 to 2,5 hours and is mostly pain -free. Within 6 weeks you need to return for the touch-up treatment, this comes within the price of the treatment.


We are happy when you are satisfied. Please contact us when you need help with your order or when you have other questions.

*We will answer your question on working days within 24 hours

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