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Sarting treatment € 295,00
Touch-up colour (within 1 year) € 147,50
Touch-up colour (after 1 year to 1.5 years) from € 175,00
Touch-up colour (after 1.5 years to 2 years) from € 200,00
Touch-up colour longer than 2 years price on request
Touch-up PMY done elsewhere price on request

Would you like a slightly more permanent solution for your eyebrows? Have you always dreamed of beautiful, full eyebrows? Then a microblading treatment is definitely worth considering.

Microblading is a new technique where we can give the eyebrows the perfect, full shape by means of hair strokes, which still looks very natural. It is a semi-permanent treatment, which means that after about 2 years the hair strokes are no longer visible. This allows the shape and color to be adjusted annually, following with the eyebrow trends.


Before the treatment starts, your wishes will be discussed in detail and the stylist will explain the entire procedure of the treatment. Then she goes on to sign the eyebrows, of course taking into account your wishes and the shape of your face. Only after you are satisfied with the signed eyebrows will she start the effective treatment. During the treatment, hygiene and safety are the most important guidelines, which is why we follow the GGD guidelines.

The treatment lasts 2 to 2.5 hours and is virtually painless. Within 6 weeks you should come back for a touch-up treatment (included in the price).

Benefits from microblading

  • Form and color can be completely adjusted to your liking
  • Time-saving
  • Natural look because of the hair strokes which resemble real hair
  • Semi-permanent, which gives you the opportunity to adjust the shape and / or color annually


The right aftercare is at least as important as the treatment itself. Your stylist will discuss the right aftercare guidelines with you and give you tips to enjoy your beautiful new Eyeborws for as long as possible.

The first 72 hours after the treatment you should keep the eyebrows dry and especially cover them the first night with plastic wrap for protection. You should also apply a thin layer of Vaseline every 2 hours.

After 72 hours, until 7 days after treatment, you should gently wash the eyebrows daily with a neutral soap and still apply a thin layer of Vaseline every 2 hours.

After 4-6 weeks the eyebrows are completely healed and the final result is visible.


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