Microblading is the latest technique in the field of permanent eyebrow make-up. A tiny blade with eighteen sterile needles in a manual pen pigments fine hairs in the direction of the hairgrowth between the first and second skin layer under local anaesthetic. The microblading hairstroke-technique is a special permanent make-up technique which gives your eyebrows a lovelynatural look. It’s as if tiny imitation hairs are drawn in the skin by a colour pigment between the existing hairs, improving the shape and colour of your eyebrows without detracting from their natural look.

€ 295,00
Touch-up colour (within 1 year) € 147,50
Touch-up colour (after 1 year to 1.5 years) from € 175,00
Touch-up colour (after 1.5 years to 2 years) from € 200,00
Touch-up colour longer than 2 years price on request
Touch-up PMY done elsewhere price on request

Results before and after

Voor en na foto Microblading Voor en na foto Microblading

Microblading working method

Once you have made an appointment we will send you compulsory permission form by e-mail which will explain the aftercare instructions and the possible risks. The form is to be completed in advance, signed and brought along to your appointment. We firstly measure the shape of your eyebrows and then draw in what we plan to do. A photo programme judges whether your pencilled eyebrows are symmetrical. We naturally also take the shape of your face into account. Only once you are happy and agree with the eyebrow model we suggest will the microblading treatment start.

To decide on the colour we look at your skin and hair coluring. The pigments we use are from the reputable brand PHI Brows. PHI brows’ pigments are iron oxide-free and do not therefore fade. The procedure takes a total of two hours at the most (deciding on the shape, drawing the brows, deciding on the colour, microblading, aftercare instructions). 60 minutes before the procedure commences you need to apply a thick layer of Emla cream to your eyebrows. This is a skin numbing cream you can get from your GP with a prescription. The price quoted includes the aftercare/touch-up after six to eight weeks. How long the pigment lasts depends on your skin type and lifestyle (lots of sunbathing, cosmetic treatments etc.).The results will remain intact between one and three years. After around one year or longer we recommend you get a touch-up, depending among other things on your skin type and lifestyle.

Advantages of microblading

  • Get up every morning with nicely shaped eyebrows not requiring any work.
  • The model can be adapted to your wishes each year.
  • A neater and much more natural end result than with ordinary PMU.
  • Opens up your face. 
  • Once-only investment every year will save you time and money every day.
  • Always nicely shaped, natural-looking eyebrows (no thin/thick black stripes).
  • Volume and shape adapted to your wishes and the shape of your face.
  • Look younger!
  • No more eyebrow make-up needed.


Follow the instructions below carefully to guarantee the best possible healing process. If you have any questions please do not hestite to contact your specialist.

Day 1

30 minutes after the treatment you must wash your eyebrows with a ph-neutral soap (e.g. Baby-shampoo). Do not touch the skin on or around your eyebrows with your hands, do this with a cotton pad.

Your hands carry bacteria which may increase the risk of infection. Pat your eyebrows dry with a new cotton pad. Then use a clean cotton bud to apply a thin layer of care cream you received from your specialist. This could be ‘Phicandy’ or a ‘vitamin A&E cream. This cream stimulates the pigment’s retention. Repeat this treatment three to five times per day. If the treatment takes place in the late afternoon or in the evening, carry out the treatment described above before going to bed.

Day 2 to 7

You must care for your brows in the way described above at least twice a day for the next seven days, as well as applying the care cream. Take care when you wash your face that you don’t rub your eyebrows, rather gently patting them.


Day 1 to 7

For the first 30 days, we advice you not to go swimming or to visit the sunbed-studio and/or sauna. No facial treatments, no fruit acid peeling or other peeling, no microdermabrasion, no creams with growth factors, no laser-treatments (this may influence the pigmented skin leading to loss of pigment / burning). The use of antibiotics and hormonal treatments may influence the pigment’s preservability, making it fade faster. Use sunscreen if you go outside (please note: only after the 7th day).

For any other questions please contact your specialist.


You will receive a guarantee for the treatment you undergo with us. If you have had a treatment elsewhere and want follow-up treatment or a touch-up or correction, no gurantee will be given on the end result.


Frequently asked questions

No, unfortunately it is not. There are certain illnesses or disorders which make it unadvisable! These include heamophilia, diabetes, chronic skin disorders like eczema, psoriasis, pathological wound healing, contact allergies, autoimmuuze disorders and cardiovascular diseases. No treatment may also be performed in the event of the use of certain medication such as anticoagulants or other blood thinners.If you are in any doubt, speak to your physician. Microblading is also advised against for people with a very greasy skin, as the pigment will not stay in the skin.

On this, opinions are divided. One person may compare the placing of the hairstrokes to epilation, another may find it more painful, but the aneasthetic we use means that no pain is felt during the procedure. Some people feel nothing at all.
It is not a good idea to have microblading done just before going on a sunny holiday, as for the first five days after treatment your eyebrows should not be exposed to direct sunlight and chlorinated water. After the treatment we advice you to wear a hat/cape/sunglasses. If you fail to follow our instructions on how to properly protect your brows, they will not last nearly as long as if you look after them as advised.

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