Lash volume lift

Lash Volume Lifting, or LVL, is a treatment to curl natural eyelashes without using eyelash extensions or mascara. Perfect Eyelash applies this eyelash treatment to lift your natural eyelashes. The eyelashes are lifted more than with the regular eyelash perm treatment, which uses tongs or rollers. We use silicon pads, with which we lift the eyelashes from the root. The shape remains for at least six to nine weeks.

Exclusive dyeing

Lash volume lifting exclusive dyeing the eyelashes: € 59,95

inclusive dyeing

Lash volume lifting inclusive dyeing the eyelashes: € 69,95

Results before and after

Voor en na foto Lash Volume Lift behandeling Voor en na foto Lash Volume Lift behandeling Voor en na foto Wimperliftig behandeling Voor en na foto Wimperlifting behandeling

What is the difference between LVL and eyelash perm?

With eyelash lifting using LVL we lift your natural eyelashes. This unique treatment of Perfect Eyelash using silicon pads is suitable for any type and length of eyelash. We don’t use ‘harmful’ eyelash curling tongs, which are used in eyelash perms! Eyelash lifting using silicon pads and is therefore not harmful for your eyelashes and fully nourishes from the root. LVL eyelash lifting cannot be compared to eyelash perms. When using clamps or rollers in eyelash perms the eyelashes tend to get brittle. This causes them to break off, because the root doesn’t get enough nourishment. See our price list here.

Advantages of Lash Volume Lift

  • Result visible for six to nine weeks.
  • Mascara is no longer necessary, but can be used after treatment.
  • You don’t need to use eyelash curling tongs during the treatment.
  • Feels light and natural for the client.
  • The eyes look larger.
  • Provides a natural look.
  • Does not damage the natural eyelashes.
  • Water, shower, perspiration, tear, swim and sleep resistant.
  • You can still give clients who are allergic to eyelash extensions, fuller, curly eyelashes.

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