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Exclusive dyeing

Lash volume lifting exclusive dyeing the eyelashes: € 59,95

Inclusive dyeing

Lash volume lifting inclusive dyeing the eyelashes: € 69,95

Lash Volume Lift is a treatment to lift and curl natural lashes without the use of forceps, clamps or eyelash extensions. Perfect Eyelash works with silicone pads and mild, but very effective products so that the treatment is not harmful to the natural lashes. The treatment will also provide extra volume through the added keratin, collagen and vitamin E.

As a finishing touch the eyelashes can be dyed for a perfect, natural look!

The result of the Lash Volume Lift treatment is visible for about 6 to 9 weeks!


Before the treatment starts your wishes will be discussed and the stylist will explain which possibilities there are, this is partly dependent on the length of your natural lashes. Then the treatment starts, and your eyes should remain closed. Just an hour of relaxation for you! As the final step in the treatment, the stylist will introduce a Keratin Filler. This intensive care will nourish the lashes from the hair root, making them appear to be visibly fuller.

A Lash Volume Lift treatment lasts about 1 hour, is completely painless and does not damage the natural lashes.

Benefits from Lash Volume Lift

  • Creates a nice, open look
  • Your own lashes will appear longer due to the intense lifting
  • After the first 24 hours you can do everything as before with your eyelashes
  • Safe for the natural lashes
  • Treatment is always carried out by experienced stylists


The right aftercare is at least as important as the treatment itself. Your stylist will discuss the right aftercare guidelines with you and give you tips to enjoy your beautiful new lashes for as long as possible.

After the treatment you should avoid water for the first 24 hours as well as touching the eyelashes, so that the intensive Keratin Filler can withdraw well. The following recommendations apply here:

  • Clean daily with the Perfect Eyelash Lash Foam
    This prevents an accumulation of dirt residues, with possibly unpleasant inflammations as a result.


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