Hd Brow Sculpting

Nicely modelled eyebrows give a face that extra radiance. No surprise then that eyebrow styling is becoming a huge trend. HD Brow Sculpting is the contemporary method for realising perfect brows! Eyebrows are the frame of everyone’s face. Perfect Eyelash also gives your eyebrows the optimum form, so you look your very best! Eyebrow looks are subject to trends. With HD Brow Sculpting you can always follow the latest trends. Treatment takes about an hour. With HD Brow Sculpting we start from your natural eyebrow shape and give your eyebrows a fuller look and perfect styling. Perfect Eyelash ensures that the eyebrow shape suits the shape of your face.

Results before and after

Voor en na foto HD Brow Sculpting behandelingVoor en na foto HD Brow Sculpting behandeling

Sculpting products

Using sculpting mix, clear liquid gels, we apply the hair lines on the areas where you want extra eyebrow hair. Through the use of differently coloured powers (blonde, light brown, brown, etc.) we can create several shades of eyebrow, aligned to the client’s wishes. Perfect Eyelash uses the quality products of Perfect Brow. See our price list here.

Advantages of HD Brow Sculpting

  • Result is visible for two to three weeks.
  • Eyebrows that fit in with your face shape provide a lifting effect and an open glance.
  • The treatment gives a natural look.
  • It doesn’t harm the natural eyebrow hairs.
  • HD Brow Sculpting is water, shower, perspiration, tear, swim and sleep resistant.
  • Eyebrows hardly require any care.
  • You can enjoy the latest brow trends with the HD Brow Sculpting treatment.
  • We can provide clients with little eyebrow hair with fuller, perfectly styled eyebrows.
  • Perfect Brow products are safe and clinically tested.

When is HD Brow Sculpting not suitable for you?

Treatment is advised against if you have one of the following complaints:

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