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TreatmentOne by OneVolume
New set (Silk lashes) € 75 € 95
New set (Flat Cashmere Lashes) € 79.95 -
Refill 2 weeks* € 27.50 € 35,-
Refill 3 weeks* € 32.50 € 45,-
Refill 4 weeks* € 42.50 € 60,-
Refill longer than 4 weeks* € 75,- € 90,-
Removing the eyelash extensions € 20-, € 20,-
Removing the eyelash extensions combined with new set* € 10,- € 10,-
30 Minute extra refill time € 18,- € 20,-

*With the Flat cashmere Lashes €2,50 will be added per treatment.

Do you want beautiful long, full and curled eyelashes without any hassle with mascara? Then eyelash extensions are the solution! During this treatment we carefully place one eyelash extension, or just a fan of Russian Volume technique eyelash extensions, on each individual natural eyelash. This way we can create a beautiful, intense look that still looks very natural.

The curl, thickness and length of the extensions can be completely determined according to your wish and your natural lashes. The treatment does not damage the natural lashes, provided you apply the correct aftercare guidelines. These are explained by our experienced eyelash stylists after the treatment.


Together with you, the stylist chooses the type, curl and thickness of the eyelash extensions, taking into account your wishes and what your natural lashes can support. Then she will place the lashes one by one. During the treatment you should keep your eyes closed at all times, the perfect opportunity to relax and unwind!

Placing a new set of One by One eyelash extensions takes about 1.5 to 2 hours, a new set of Russian Volume about 2.5 to 3 hours. Refill treatments last for an average of 1 hour.

The treatment is completely painless and does not damage the natural lashes.

It takes about 8 weeks for the last eyelash extensions to grow. However, if you want to keep them full you should come back within 2 to 4 weeks for a refill treatment.

Benefits from Eyelash extensions

  • Length, curl and shape as desired
  • Time-saving
  • Creates a nice, open look
  • Water-resistant
  • Safe for the natural lashes
  • Almost weightless
  • Almost weightless
  • Always placed by experienced stylists


The right aftercare is at least as important as the placement itself. Your stylist will discuss the right aftercare guidelines with you and give you tips to enjoy your beautiful new lashes for as long as possible.

After the treatment you should avoid water during the first 24 hours. This is because the glue is still curing during this period and water can influence this. The following recommendations apply here:

  • Clean daily with the Perfect Eyelash Lash Foam.
    This prevents an accumulation of dirt residues, with possibly unpleasant inflammations as a result. It will also ensure you that your extensions remain beautiful for a longer period of time.
  • Avoid all products with oil around the eyes.
    Oil affects the glue with which the eyelash extensions are attached, so this must be avoided at all times!
  • Use only custom make-up around the eyes.
    Perfect Eyelash has specially developed oil-free eyeliner, eye pencil and mascara.
  • Do not rub the eyes or pull the eyelash extensions

We are happy when you are satisfied. Please contact us when you need help with your order or when you have other questions.

*We will answer your question on working days within 24 hours

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