Everyone wants long, full eyelashes.

Every morning is a battle with your eyelash curling tongs and mascara to get your eyelashes as long and full as possible. It can be frustrating when your eyelashes are difficult to get into shape. There is now a solution for this: eyelash extensions! These can be compared to hair extensions, only these extensions were especially made for your eyelashes. After this treatment, your curling tongs and mascara can disappear into the cupboard. You should in fact see the effect of eyelash extensions with your own eyes or experience it for yourself. It looks very natural and attractive, as if you are blessed with long eyelashes or you used miracle mascara. Once you start using eyelash extensions, then you’ll never want to be without this glamorous look.

TreatmentOne by OneVolume
New set (Silk lashes)€ 75€ 95
New set (Flat Cashmere Lashes)€ 79.95-
Refill 2 weeks*€ 27.50€ 35,-
Refill 3 weeks*€ 32.50€ 45,-
Refill 4 weeks*€ 42.50€ 60,-
Refill longer than 4 weeks*€ 75,-€ 90,-
Removing the eyelash extensions€ 20-, 20,-
Removing the eyelash extensions combined with new set*€ 10,-€ 10,-
*With the Flat cashmere Lashes €2,50 will be added per treatment.

Results before and after

Voor en na foto wimperextensions one by one behandeling Voor en na foto wimperextensions russian volume behandeling Voor en na foto wimperextensions russian volume behandeling

Eyelash extensions method

We attach the eyelash extensions to your natural eyelashes with a special bonder (without formaldehyde). It stays soft and flexible and doesn’t cause any damage to the natural eyelash. The hair is usually thicker at the beginning and gets thinner in the end. The hairs have a specific curl, making your eyelashes nice and curly and not straight. We create a natural effect, other than false eyelashes. Perfect Eyelash only works with properly trained professionals. You don’t see any attachment, because the extensions are not stuck to the skin, but to your own eyelash hairs. 

The average treatment for a new set takes 90 to 120 minutes. A refill treatment takes on average 45 to 60 minutes. We only work with eyelash extensions that are very soft and practically weightless. They have a nice curl, and you have the choice of various types of curl. Many salons use synthetic eyelashes. At Perfect Eyelash we use real silk eyelashes, giving you a much more natural effect!

How long the eyelashes last Your own eyelashes have a growth cycle and renew themselves about once every two months. An eyelash extension therefore stays in place for one to three months. This can vary a few weeks, depending on someone’s personal hair growth cycle. To keep attractive, full eyelashes, we recommend having a refill treatment every three to four weeks. You can of course choose to have a one-off eyelash extension treatment. For instance if you are going on holiday, to a wedding or have another important party.

Advantages of eyelash extensions

  • Attractive, full and long eyelashes any time of day.
  • Length, thickness and curve adapted to your wishes.
  • Practically weightless, you don’t feel the extensions.
  • Resistant to water, bodily fluid, light, sun and seawater.
  • No damage to your own natural eyelash.
  • No running mascara when it rains or if you perspire.
  • Makes mascara, eyelash dye or eyelash curling tongs unnecessary.
  • No bundled/clustered eyelashes sticking together or eyelash strips.
  • Practice sports, shower, swim and sleep without worries.
  • Natural look.
  • Is attached painlessly.
  • Stays for six to eight weeks.
  • Gives volume and colour to your own eyelashes.
  • Eyelash extensions makes the eyes look lifted/more open.
  • Has a youthful effect.



Your eyelash extensions will last for six to eight weeks (this means that the last hairs fall out after six to eight weeks). This has to do with the natural growth cycle of your own eyelashes.
We attach the eyelash extensions onto your lashes hair by hair. We attach the extensions with formaldehyde-free glue especially developed for this method.
Per eye we place approximately 100 to 120 extensions. This depends on your own natural eyelashes.

Perfect Eyelash

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