Owner Set explains: ‘We are often asked by our eyelash extension clients whether we can also depilate or wax their eyebrows and/or upper lip, while they are lying down anyway. As we employ three qualified beauticians, I thought: why not!’

We offer the following beauty treatments:

  • Eyebrow depilating (or waxing)
  • Eyelash dyeing
  • Upper lip waxing
  • Chin waxing
Eyebrows depilate (or waxing) € 15,-
Eyebrows or eylashes dyeing € 15,-
Eyebrows depilate and dyeing € 19,50
Eyebrows depilate, eylashes and eyebrows dyeing € 24,50
waxing upper lip € 12,50
waxing chin € 12,50

Results before and after

Resultaat foto (voor en na) wenkbrauwstylingResultaat foto (voor en na) wenkbrauwstylingResultaat foto (voor en na) wenkbrauwstyling

Depilating and dyeing eyebrows

Many women choose to have their eyebrows made narrower/ smaller/shaped and darker. This can be done by having your eyebrows depilated or dyed at Perfect Eyelash. Depilating is a form of hair removal with, in this case, a tweezer. Depilating removes the hair from the skin with the root.

Eyebrows determine the expression of the face and are a major point for creating a pretty and feminine look. Our qualified beauticians will depilate your eyebrows in an attractive and neutral shape. Are your eyebrows and eyelashes very light or greying? In consultation, Perfect Eyelash will dye these in a nice shade that fits your own hair and skin colour perfectly! We can touch up your eyebrows with tweezers or wax.


Waxing is a form of depilating. In this case, we use wax. As the hair is removed with the root, you won’t suffer from stubble and the hair stays away for three to six weeks. Waxing is the ideal treatment for unwanted hair. Unwanted hair can include excessive hair growth on the upper lip, cheeks, chin and jawline. In practice, some hair doesn’t return after waxing, which is why regular wax treatments are recommended. See our price list here.

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