Maak Afspraak Boek Training


Eyebrows depilate (or waxing) € 15,-
Eyebrows or eylashes dyeing € 15,-
Eyebrows depilate and dyeing € 23,00
Eyebrows depilate, eylashes and eyebrows dyeing € 27,50
waxing upper lip € 15,00
waxing chin € 15,00

It is undeniable; eyes and eyebrows largely determine your expression and appearance. The way eyebrows are shaped and colored can completely change a person's expression. During this treatment your eyebrows are perfectly modeled and neatly finished with eyebrow makeup. For eyebrows that are always on fleek!


Before the treatment starts, your wishes are discussed and the stylist explains what options there are, taking into account your wishes and the shape of your face. Then your eyebrows are perfectly shaped and finished with make-up so that you step out of the door with perfect eyebrows!

Browstyling takes about 20 to 30 minutes.

Benefits from Browstyling

  • Perfectly shaped eyebrows
  • Customized to your wishes and the shape of your face
  • Treatment is always carried out by experienced stylists


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