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You must have read or heard about it! Perfect Eyelash is the only brand in the world that has published four systems on the market for Lash Volume Lifting: the bottles, tubes, pumps and single use sachets. We strive for innovation and that is why we now offer the Fast Setting system besides the Normal Setting system. Keep on reading, we tall you most important details!

The steps

With Lash Volume Lifting you can provide your clients with beautiful curled eyelashes. And then they can say goodbye to the eyelash curler. To create a beautiful mascara look you can dye the eyelashes during the treatment. For Lash Volume Lifting we use three lotions among other things. Lotion 1 is the Perming Dose, Lotion 2 is the Fixing Dose and Lotion 3 is the Keratin Filler. The steps for Lash Volume Lifting are called in order by name. Step one is Lotion 1, step two is Lotion 2 and step 3 is Lotion 3. 

Normal Setting

At first we have brought the bottles on the market for Lash Volume Lifting with Perfect Eyelash. This method is called Normal Setting. You apply the lotion of the bottles by dipping in with microbrushes and then stroking it on the eyelashes. We have developed the tube system for a more hygienic method, and is also user friendly. You can easily apply the lotion right on the eyelashes by squeezing the tube. With the Normal Setting is for Lotion 1 the exposure time 10 – 15 minutes and Lotion 2 is 5 – 7 minutes. Lotion 3, the Keratin Filler, gives the eyelashes the nutrition they need. The keratin works up to 24 hours after the treatment. Lotion 3 is only available as a tube and you can combine this one with the other systems.

Fast Setting

And now you can even make a faster result with Lash Volume Lifting. Thanks to the new system: Fast Setting. For this system is the composition of the ingredients even stronger, so that the exposure time shorter is. The pumps and the single use sachets fall under Fast Setting. Also these systems are more hygienic and user friendly. Especially the single use sachets are ideally for you when you don’t give a lot of Lash Volume Lifting treatmens. Because you can use one sachet for one client or even two clients. It is very important then that you do two treatments at the same time or right after each other. And with the single use sachets you can pay less attention to the expire date. The Lotion 1 of the Fast Setting system has an exposure time from only 5- 8 minutes, just like Lotion 2. With Fast Setting it also applies that Lotion 3 is only available in tube form and can be combined with all systems.

The difference

What makes the difference? We use ingredients from Europe for the composition of the Normal Setting system. Namely the ingredient Cysteamine HCI, this is equivalent to the natural cysteamine/keratin of the eyelash hair. That is why the exposure time is longer because it is less strong than the Perming Lotion from Fast Setting. With the Fast Setting system we use the ingredient Thyglycolic Acid. This is a stronger permanent liquid with Taiwanese ingredients. But it still according to the EU laws and regulations for cosmetics. That is why the exposure times are also shorter than with the Normal Setting.

Combining the products

You can combine all products from the Normal Setting systems. So if you use for example Lotion 1 of the bottles then you can combine this with Lotion 2 of the tubes. The same applies for the Fast Setting. If you choose to use only the Perming Lotion of the single use sachets for step one, you can combine this with the Fixing Lotion of the pumps for step two of the Fast Setting.

Do you have a beauty salon or are you a hairdresser? Do you have a lot of Lash Volume Lifting treatments a month or only a few times? Perfect Eyelash can provide you with the best products and four different systems. So that everyone can work with the method to his preference. We are achieving incredibly good results with it, now it is your turn!


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