LVL Tubes

Doesn’t a good lash lift make you feel like you can conquer the day – or even the world? With lashes for days, eyes that look bigger and more rested, you really wake up every day with the perfect glance. The joys of a good lash lift for your clients are unquestionable, but it’s also a fun treatment to do as a stylist!

Lash Volume lift has over the years become more and more popular. It’s a low investment treatment to offer in your salon, all types of clients love it, it gives beautiful results for up to 8 weeks and it’s highly addictive once you’ve had it. After performing the treatment for a while, you as a stylist will start to see all the ways in which you can personalize the results for your customers, by changing the pads or placing them in a specific way. This will make the treatment even more fun to do!

At Perfect Eyelash we’re always thinking of ways for you to have more pleasure and ease in your work and help you create even more beautiful results. Our Lash Volume Lift system was already a top selling system, but we felt like we could make it even better... This drive encouraged us to think outside of the box and that’s how the new Lash Volume Lift TUBE-SYSTEM was created.

No other brand has ever done something like that, so we spend a lot of time looking for the best tubes, the best manufacturers and the best formulas to transform the idea that was in our head, into reality. After a lot of hard work and testing, we can now proudly say that we’re the first and only brand in the world with a Tube-System for the Lash Volume Lift treatment.

Why a tube?

We had three important things in mind: strength of the product, easier ways of working and hygiene.

All the existing packaging’s missed something, either it wasn’t practical, or it wasn’t hygienic etc. That’s why we came up with the Tube-System.

Here are some of the most important advantages:

TIP from one of our price winning trainers:

Make sure to shake the tube well in a downwards motion to ensure that all the product is at the tip of the tube. Also squeeze out the air first before you make your line on the pad.

Are you ready to take your LvL Treatment to the next level? All lotions in Tube are now available in our webshop!

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