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You’ve always known so clearly; glue for eyelash extensions in combination with oil is a no-go. However, we are seeing glues emerge that are better suited against oils or even completely oil-resistant. What’s up with that? Does this mean that we can use our oil cleansers again or is this still not a good idea? Our Perfect Eyelash product development team has done the necessary research and via this blog we will share our findings and advice with you!

First, let's go back to the basics. All adhesives used to place eyelash extensions have cyanoacrylate as the main component. This is the ingredient that hardens (or polymerizes), the speed of which depends on how many inhibitors have been added to the glue. All safe, thoroughly tested adhesives have cyanoacrylate as the main component, since there is no other ingredient on the market that is just as effective and, above all, equally safe. So be careful at all times with manufacturers who claim that their glue does not contain cyanoacrylate!

Cyanoacrylate is a strong ingredient, but has one major enemy: oil. Even the smallest amount of oil can cause the glue to not adhere well and will damage the glue. The danger in this is that the oil does not have the strength to completely dissolve the glue (which is sometimes thought), with the result that the glue becomes softer and starts sticking to the surrounding lashes. You can imagine that this can have disastrous consequences!

Technology is constantly evolving and a form of cyanoacrylate has recently been discovered that is more resistant to oil. This is fantastic of course, since it is often difficult to 100% avoid all forms of oil. The downside of this new technology is that it is being promoted by a number of brands as an adhesive that is completely resistant to oil and they’ve priced it a lot higher than ‘regular’ glues. However, we have always preferred safety over everything and therefore we still recommend caution with oil. This is because there is no scientifically proven evidence that the glue, at microlevel, is not still softened by the oil and can therefore still cause serious damage.

Is this new technology completely unnecessary then? Absolutely not! No matter how careful we are, our eyelashes come into contact with oil. There are natural oil molecules on the eyelids, our fingertips can contain oil and many eye shadow powders also contain small amounts of oil. It is therefore a good thing that the adhesives are increasingly resistant to oil these days.

In short: Adhesives that are more resistant to oil will help to improve the longevity and adhesion of the eyelash extensions with correct aftercare, using oil-free products. As always, advise your customers well and go for optimum security and safety.

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