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What will training be about?

Volume Lashes or ‘3D eyelash extensions’ is a new technique. In this course you learn how to create even more volume with the 1 by 1 technique. In this method we work with the softest and thinnest extension hairs from the Perfect Eyelash assortment.

The training course is a one-day course where we will intensely practice placing 2D-6D extensions. You will of course learn which techniques create this. You practise creating various looks and get information about fill up treatment.

You need to take the following products with you:

If you would prefer these products to already be in your starter kit, then we will arrange this for you. Supplement €40.

Please note: You need to provide your own model. If this isn’t possible, then we can arrange this for you if you have reported this on time.


Training day

10 am

Product explanation.
Practising with 2D-6D eyelashes on a mannequin head or on your model.

12 pm Break (we see to lunch).
12:30 pm Practising 2D-6D eyelashes on a model. You get an insight into the various techniques.
3:30 pm End of the course: you receive an official certificate of Perfect Eyelash.

€ 295,00*

*Costs are excl. VAT and include an extensive starterskit (worth € 157,-)

Products starterskit

  • Theory Book
  • Perfect Eyelash Super Bond 10 ml
  • 2 different volume tweezers
  • Organized Glass Palette
  • 20 Glue stickers
  • Perfect Eyelash Volume Lashes Length 11 mm
  • Perfect Eyelash Volume Lashes Length 12 mm
  • Perfect Eyelash Volume Lashes Length 13 mm
  • Perfect Eyelash Volume Lashes Mixed tray 
russian volume lashes starterspakket

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Why choose perfect eyelash?

Most experienced

Our staff are trained by the best stylists in the world.

Undivided attention

never large groups, so you get undivided attention. There’s always one trainer per two course members and a maximum of four course members a day.

Come back for free

You may want to refresh your memory or enquire about something. We always offer the option to return for feedback free of charge, as often as needed.

Official perfect eyelash certificate

We are a recognised training company. The certificate you receive is therefore an officially recognised certificate.

National- & international prijzen

Owner set moosavi and her team have won several prizes in the past year in the area of eyelash extensions and eyebrow styling.

Training locations always nearby

With a staggering fifteen training locations in the netherlands and belgium, there’s always a training location nearby.

Perfect Eyelash

Perfect practice makes perfect lashes