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You don’t have the time to travel to our branches in Harderwijk, Amsterdam, Axel or Veenendaal (Netherlands) or Blaasveld (Belgium)? Perfect Eyelash now gives courses at more locations in the Netherlands! Perfect Eyelash has found several top locations in the country, where you can take a training course as a course member. These are training locations in Nijmegen, Breda, Roermond and Rotterdam. Sufficient attention from our trainers is guaranteed in all these locations. There’s always one trainer per two course members. For four course members there are two trainers, so there’s plenty of room for personal attention!

Training on location / personal training

In addition, there is the option of Perfect Eyelash coming to you! This costs the same as the regular course price plus €50, excluding mileage. If you, for instance, want to take the 1 to 1 technique course, then the normal course price is €395 excl. VAT and a private course on location is €445 + travel costs of €0.21 p/km.

Send us an e-mail for a course location to plan a date together. If you would like to take another course that isn’t mentioned on the website, then also send us an e-mail:

Training overview

The training courses of Perfect Eyelash form the perfect basis for becoming a successful eyelash stylist or eyebrow stylist! We use high quality products and are a recognised training company.

We distinguish ourselves with our high quality courses, professional staff and experienced salons. A course member of Perfect Eyelash remains a course member! After a training course you are always welcome to return, have a look and discuss what you will face in practice. We would be glad to look at pictures of your first models, give feedback and answer your questions. Previous course members found this to be very helpful. We want our course members to be able to get to work professionally, in the interest of customers and of our trade. We aim for quality!

We are often called and customers state that there are so many courses and workshops. They then ask: ‘How do I know if I’m making the right decision?’ This is hard. Eyelash and eyebrow extensions are currently so popular that there are many ‘dabblers’ who want to take advantage of this. They offer courses given by inexperienced stylists. The result is that course members are taught the wrong techniques and don’t get the right information. Due to this, one in five course members stops working in the trade, which is a shame, as well as the negative reactions that end up on the market about poorly placed eyelash extensions. Customers then have bad experiences. So please keep an eye on the quality mark of the recognised training company.

Go for quality, go for experienced salons!

Make a good match between your training request and specialised salons! Perfect Eyelash represents the trade and is happy to help.

Set Moosavi explains: ‘Eyelash stylists often ask us whether we offer ‘refresher training’. My advice is not to go for the shortest or cheapest option. Don’t just take any course, but go for a professional one! We work around the eyes of customers, so precision and professionalism are an absolute must! Not every trained eyelash stylist is a professional who can provide training! You only become this after a great deal of practise and many years’ experience. Only then can you pass on the right knowledge!’

A course member of Perfect Eyelash remains a course member! You are always welcome to return as often as needed to take a look. Watch how we do it, you can ask questions about problems you are having and you can send in photos of your first models for feedback. After all, you don’t face any issues until you put what you’ve learned into practice! Thankfully, a lot of course members make use of this and they appreciate this option. We want our course members to do well and choose quality in everything they do! A major advantage of taking a course at Perfect Eyelash is that we train a maximum of four course members at the same time, so there’s plenty of room for personal attention!


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