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Curious are you searching al over internet where to follow the Powder Brows training course. Because this beautiful method for permanent make-up? As a cosmetologist you want to learn everything about this treatment, and master it. Luckily, we – from Perfect Eyelash – have developed the perfect training course for Powder Brows. Submit yourself today!

€ 2395,- excl. machine
€ 3000,- incl. machine

* costs are excluding VAT and including the starter kit (with a value of € 320,-)

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What are Powder Brows?

Your eyebrows will be fully shaded during the Powder Brows treatment. As the name already says: ‘powder’. With this technique of permanent make-up will the pigment applied in a very subtle way, causing the eyebrows to look like they have been coloured in with powder. 

Because the pigments are not applied very deeply into the skin, this is a form of semi-permanent make-up. The colour fades slowly after one to three years, due to cell renewal of the body. This is an important difference with tattooing the eyebrows. The pigments don't disappear because tattooing goes much deeper into the skin. You will learn exactly how this works during our training course of Ombré Powder Brows.

What can you expect?

The training course Ombré Powder Brows is three days. This training is ideal for starters. You get to learn all the information regarding to permanent make-up. You will also learn to apply the Ombré Powder Brows technique of permanent make-up. During our Ombré Powder Brows training course you will get all the information you need. You will also receive a starter kit that allows you to treat the first 15 to 25 customers. 

The first two days of the Ombré Powder Brows course are consecutive. After completing these two days we plan a third day to fine-tune your technique and then pass the "exam". This third day will probably take place about six weeks later. 

At Perfect Eyelash we plan the third day of the Powder Brows training course later, because we share the opinion that practice makes perfect. After you have completed the first two days of our Powder Brows training, you will start working with the material on your own. By practicing, you will run into things. On the third day, you will have the opportunity to ask all your questions. Together with an exam model you will be able to fine-tune your technique.

Why choose for the Perfect Eyelash Powder Brows training course?

Perfect Eyelash follows the latest trends for the eyelash- and eyebrows technique continuously. The Powder Brows method, that we teach during our training course, is an actual technique that fully applies to the needs of the clients. There was also a great demand for this semi-permanent eyebrow make-up from the professionals - who had already followed courses with us before. This followed by the success of the previous training courses. Perfect Eyelash was the first to introduce HD brow Sculpting - also known as: the Brow Lamination - in the Netherlands and also for the new trend Powder Brows we worked for a year on the perfect technique. This way we offer the most complete Powder Brows training course. 

Our head trainsters Laurence, Sanne, Rowena and Manon have all followed a permanent make-up training course at different (international) institutes. That way we have gotten the benefit and the optimal insight at the different instructions, technique and products that are know worldwide in this area. Based on this knowledge, Perfect Eyelash started working on its own concept. In developing our Powder Brow training course we took the extensive experience into account that we have gained in eyelash and eyebrow techniques. As a result, we were able to develop the best working technique and products, as well as the optimal instruction and aftercare.

Powder Brows training course in small groups

You can now follow the Powder Brows training course at Perfect Eyelash. We teach theory and practice in Dutch, our native language. This is an advantage over international institutions, where mostly the Powder Brows course will be taught in English. What is more for the big players, the Powder Brows course usually consists of large groups up to twenty people! We have consciously chosen to give our training courses in small groups, as you are used to from Perfect Eyelash. We take on a maximum of four students per trainer. We find this personal approach very important, so that there is plenty of room in our Powder Brow training course for questions and practice.

What does the Powder Brows training course involve?

Powder Brows requires a careful performance by a well-trained professional. It is a skill that takes a lot of time and practice. That is why the Powder Brows training course consists of a theory part and a practice part. Perfect Eyelash works with two modules: the Powder Brow training course itself and the performance in your studio. After you have successfully completed our training course you will get the Perfect Eyelash Powder Brows label. Attending our Powder Brows training course will give certainty to your customers! 

During our Powder Brows training course you will be taught by an expert in Powder Brows. All of our trainers are trained by international top brands such as Phi Brow, Elite, Private, DMT Beauty, Dutch Art Avenue and so on. This knowledge – combined with the experienced from Perfect Eyelash – means that during our training course you will taught perfectly about all the aspects of Powder Brows. 

The Powder Brows training course starts with a theoretical introduction, in which you will learn more about pigments and colour theory. Hygiene is a subject that runs like a thread through the Powder Brows training course. Other important themes are product knowledge, eyebrow shapes and colour theory. Then you will practice the technique extensively and learn all about aftercare and touch-up treatments. 

Focus on practice 

Our trainers have experienced that one model for the practical exercise, where half has been pre-drawn, doesn’t offer sufficient practice. Perfect Eyelash has therefore decided to practice a lot on a silicone skin/pad in our Powder Brows training course on day one. On the second day you will practice the technique from A to Z on two models. This is of course under supervision from the experienced trainer. We made sure that students have a good command of the technique, by putting more focus on practice and working in small groups. That gives a pleasant, and secure feeling!

Powder Brows label

The intensive Powder Brows training course itself takes two days +  one exam day. Because the Powder Brows technique requires a lot of practice, we link the Powder Brows training course to your experience in your own studio. Once you have completed the two day training course, you immediately receive your certificate. After the Powder Brows training course, we will expect to receive result pictures of your work on a regular basis, so that we can give you feedback. You can do this up to five months after the training course. When Perfect Eyelash judges your result pictures as perfect, you will receive the Powder Brows Junior label. We will discuss the different grades that can be achieved after you have obtained this quality mark during the training.

PLEASE NOTE: If you would like some extra practice within the mentioned five months, you are always welcome to treat a model/customer together! You do not have to follow the Powder Brows course again. We ask a fee of only € 99,-.

Insurance & GGD inspection

You can use your Perfect Eyelash Powder Brows certificate of your insurance. We want to warn you about the foreign training courses that are regularly given in the Netherlands. These workshops are fine and given by experts, but it is often not possible to insure yourself with a foreign certificate in the Netherlands. Following a foreign Powder Brows training course can cause you problems.

Perfect Eyelash shares the opinion that it is impossible to master the Powder Brows technique in a two-day workshop. These workshops are too often given in large groups and in a different language. In the Netherlands apply different rules and regulations, of which foreign trainers are often not aware of. We will also discuss these rules and regulations during our Powder Brows training course and guide you through them.

The same applies to the examination of GGD. The foreign products don’t meet the European standards and approvals, so you will not pass the inspection of GGD. We experienced this ourselves during our first GGD inspection. At that time, we worked with one the brands mentioned above. Now we have all the knowledge and the right products in house, and we will guide and inform you all about it during the Ombré Powder Brows training course! Perfect Eyelash works according to the hygiene regulations and guidelines of the GGD. 

Pay in terms for your Powder Brows training course

At Perfect Eyelash you have the possibility to pay in one or three terms for your Powder Brows training course. 

All prices mentioned above are excluding 21% VAT

*For the third term, 30 days after the training course, you will receive an automatic reminder by e-mail with a payment link to make the payment within 48 hours. 

PLEASE NOTE: If this payment is not made immediately within 48 hours you will receive a reminder, in which we immediately charge an administration fee of €50,- per reminder.

 Excl. machine
(€ 2395,-)
Incl. machine
(€ 3000,-)

1st term

€ 750,00

 € 750,00

When registering for the training course

2nd term

€ 882,50

 € 1125,00

At the start on the first day of the training course

3rd term

€ 882,50

 € 1125,00

30 days after attending the training course

Model(s) for your training course

As a service Perfect Eyelash offers you the possibility to arrange your model(s) for your training course. The requirement is that we receive this request at least 10 days before the start of your Powder Brows training course. We can’t give you a 100% guarantee that we will be able to arrange your model(s), we will not be responsible for that. We refer you to the General Terms and Conditions. 

Are you going to take on the challenge with our Powder Brows training course?

Time schedule

What do the 3 days look like:

DAY 1 (09:00u - 17:00u): Theory - Practice – Demo Video.

DAY 2 (09:00u - 17:00u): Working on 2 models + Certificate of participation.

After 6 weeks: DAY 3 (half day): Touch-up + exam safety + Perfect Eyelash Junior Stylist Seal of approval.

Content Starterkit

Contents package twv € 320,-:

  • 3 pigment colors 10 ml
  • 4 sample colors 1 ml
  • Pencil
  • Eyebrow ruler sticker 50 pcs
  • Pigmentholder
  • Inkt cups 15 pcs
  • Needles 15 pcs
  • Color Card
  • Surgical Marker
  • Eyebrow Ruler
  • Practice Skin
  • Eyebrow scissors
  • Eyebrow brushes 20 pcs

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