Microblading requires careful implementation by a well-trained professional. During the Perfect Eyelash Microblading training you will learn all ins and outs about this treatment, both theoretical and practical. This way we discuss all materials, the pre- and aftercare guidelines and the procedure. The main thread through this training is hygiene, during theory and practice this always returns. For this we follow the GGD regulations.

After completing the training you will receive a certificate of participation. We give you the opportunity to mail result photos during the first 6 months after the training, you will receive free feedback from our Trainer. After assessing your results, the Trainer can reward you with the official Perfect Eyelash Junior Stylist Certification.

You must provide two models yourself on day two. If you want us to provide a model, this is a possibility, provided it is stated on time.

  • Day 1: Theory + practice on simulation skin
  • Day 2: Practice on 2 real models
  • The price includes the use of Perfect Eyelash products during the training

At Perfect Eyelash you have the opportunity to pay for the Microblading course in 1 or 3 installments.

  • 1st installment € 250, excluding VAT upon registration
  • 2nd term € 550, excluding VAT at the start of the 1st training day
  • 3rd installment € 550, excluding VAT 30 days after following the training

Cost € 1.350,00*

* costs are exclusive of VAT and including the starter kit (with a value of € 598,- can be used for an average of 30 treatments).

Book training
Day 1
5,5 hour Advanced theoretical section where we discuss everything about hygiene, safety, techniques, eyebrow shapes, etc.
0,5 hour Lunch (provided by us) with time for questions to ask the trainer.
2 hour Practice on simulation skin.
Day 2
3,5 hour Carry out treatment on the first model together with the trainer.
0,5 hour Lunch (provided by us) with time for questions to ask the trainer.
2,5 hour Carry out treatment on the second model under the watchful eye of the trainer.
End of the training: you receive an official certificate from Perfect Eyelash

Contents Starter Kit

  • Pigments (5 pieces) Deep brown, Dark Brown, Chocolate, Cocoa and Coconut
  • Practice Skin Blank
  • Practice Skin Precepted
  • Epilation Tweezers
  • Eyebrow scissors
  • Transparent mouth mask
  • Disposable Eyebrow Tape Measure Stickers (50 pieces)
  • Disposable Microblade pens (14 pieces)
  • Eyebrow Tape measure in plastic
  • Universal Pen Holder
  • CF Blades (10 pieces)
  • U Blades (10 pieces)
  • Microblading Pencil (Dark Brown)
  • Eyebrow brushes (20 pieces)
  • Micro brushes (100 pieces)
  • Ink rings Sterilized (20 pieces)


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*We will answer your question on working days within 24 hours