Microblading requires careful implementation by a well-trained professional. During the Perfect Eyelash Microblading training you will learn all ins and outs about this treatment, both theoretical and practical. This way we discuss all materials, the pre- and aftercare guidelines and the procedure. The main thread through this training is hygiene, during theory and practice this always returns. For this we follow the GGD regulations.Absolute beauty trend: full eyebrows

Cost € 1.350,00*

* costs are exclusive of VAT and including the starter kit (with a value of € 598,- can be used for an average of 30 treatments).

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Day 1
5,5 hour Advanced theoretical section where we discuss everything about hygiene, safety, techniques, eyebrow shapes, etc.
0,5 hour Lunch (provided by us) with time for questions to ask the trainer.
2 hour Practice on simulation skin.
Day 2
3,5 hour Carry out treatment on the first model together with the trainer.
0,5 hour Lunch (provided by us) with time for questions to ask the trainer.
2,5 hour Carry out treatment on the second model under the watchful eye of the trainer.
End of the training: you receive an official certificate from Perfect Eyelash

Contents Starter Kit

  • Pigments (5 pieces) Deep brown, Dark Brown, Chocolate, Cocoa and Coconut
  • Practice Skin Blank
  • Practice Skin Precepted
  • Epilation Tweezers
  • Eyebrow scissors
  • Transparent mouth mask
  • Disposable Eyebrow Tape Measure Stickers (50 pieces)
  • Disposable Microblade pens (14 pieces)
  • Eyebrow Tape measure in plastic
  • Universal Pen Holder
  • CF Blades (10 pieces)
  • U Blades (10 pieces)
  • Microblading Pencil (Dark Brown)
  • Eyebrow brushes (20 pieces)
  • Micro brushes (100 pieces)
  • Ink rings Sterilized (20 pieces)

Full eyebrows are a beauty trend you can’t ignore! And it looks like it’s a trend that’s here to stay. Not everyone has naturally full eyebrows. In the past, completely tattooing the eyebrows was the only option for a lasting result. But now we have microblading! A new technique that every beauty professional needs to have. Perfect Eyelash teaches you the finer points of this sophisticated technique!

What is microblading?

Fortunately, microblading sounds more dangerous than it is! Microblading is semi-permanent eyebrow make-up. It entails sterile, ultrafine needles penetrating the upper layer of the skin and injecting natural pigments into the middle skin layer, the dermis. This is done by a swiping movement known as the hair-stroke technique. The pigment remains in the ‘scratches’ made by the micro-blades in the skin, producing a natural effect. Because the pigment is not introduced into the skin too deeply, microblading is a form of semi-permanent make-up. The colour fades slowly in one to three years due to the body’s cell regeneration. This is a vital difference to tattooing the eyebrows. Tattooed pigments don’t fade because they are applied much deeper in the skin.

‘Microblading, an indispensable new technique for every beauty professional!’

Why embrace Perfect Eyelash Microblading?

Perfect Eyelash continually follows the latest trends in eyelash and eyebrow techniques. Microblading is a current technique which absolutely meets a need. The professionals in our courses especially needed this semi-permanent make-up, following the success of previous courses. Perfect Eyelash was the first to introduce HB Brow Sculpting in the Netherlands, and to prepare our current Microblading course we spent a year working on the perfect technique and training.

Our main trainers Lianna, Sanne, Rowene and Laurence have each followed training with four different international players. This has given us the greatest possible insight into a wide range of instructions, techniques and products known worldwide. Perfect Eyelash subsequently developed its own concept, taking on board the extensive experience we have gained in eyelash and eyebrow techniques. We were therefore able to develop the best-working techniques and products and optimal instructions and aftercare.

Training in small groups

Perfect Eyelash is currently offering Microblading courses. We give theory and practice in the Dutch language. This is an advantage compared to the international players who mainly give courses in English. Furthermore, the big players generally train large groups of up to twenty people at a time! We have deliberately opted for training in small groups, as you are used to with Perfect Eyelash. Each trainer teaches three to four students at the most per course. The personal approach is important as this allows lots of space for questions and practice.

Content microblading course

Microblading requires a careful performance by a well-trained professional. It is a skill which needs time and practice. The course we give is part theory, part practice. Perfect Eyelash uses two modules: the training itself and its practice in your business. People who successfully complete the practice receive the Perfect Eyelash Microblading quality mark. This reinsures your customers of your skill and expertise!

Our course is taught by a Microblading expert. All our trainers were trained by international top brands like Phi Brow, Elite, Privé (currently 22 Institute). Their knowledge, combined with our experience at Perfect Eyelash help you master all facets of Microblading. The course starts with a theoretical introduction on pigments and colour. Hygiene is a central theme. Other important themes are product knowledge and eyebrow shapes. You then start practicing the technique in full and learning about aftercare and touch-up treatments.

Focus on practice

Our trainers noticed that using a single model for the practical exercises with semi pre-drawn eyebrows does not provide enough practice opportunity. Perfect Eyelash decided to practice on a model together with you on the first day of the training, trying out all the tips & tricks. On day two you practice the technique from A to Z on a model, naturally with expert supervision. Focussing more on the practice and working in small groups lets students master the technique and helps you feel happy and confident about your work!

Microblading quality mark

The intensive training itself takes two days. However, because the Microblading-technique requires lots of practice, we link the training to practice in your own business. On completing the two-day training you will receive a participation certificate. After the training we expect regular result photos of your work we will give our feedback on. You can send us your photos up to five months after the course. Once Perfect Eyelash judges your results as perfect you will receive your final Perfect Eyelash diploma. You will then also receive an Eyelash Microblading quality mark to prove to your customers that you have mastered the technique.

PLEASE NOTE: If after five months you feel you need some extra practice, you are welcome to treat a model/customer together with us! The cost in this case is just € 99.00


You can use your Perfect Eyelash-diploma for your insurance. However, we must warn you about foreign trainings regularly given in the Netherlands. In themselves, two-day trainings are fine and are given by experts, but it is not possible to insure your business in the Netherlands based on a foreign certificate. Perfect Eyelash is furthermore of the opinion that it is impossible to fully master the Microblading-technique in a two-day workshop, often taught in large groups and in another language. Because you cannot insure your business in the Netherlands based on a foreign certificate, the certificate you obtain does not really help you move ahead. The Netherlands has other rules and regulations which foreign trainers are often not aware of. We discuss these rules and regulations during the Perfect Eyelash course and help you follow them.

‘Perfect Eyelash works according to the hygiene regulations and guidelines of the GGD (Dutch Municipal Health Service)’

Microblading course in brief

  • Two-day course, with lots of practice
  • Five months’ coaching after the course
  • Microblading starters package
  • Participation certificate
  • Perfect Eyelash-diploma
  • Microblading quality mark after successfully completing five months


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