5 Tips to keep your adhesive under control during warm days

Dienstag, 23 Juni 2020
As you may know the humidity in the spring and summer can fluctuate quite a bit and this can have an effect on the adhesive. This can result in shorter retention of the eyelash extensions, causing clients to lose their eyelash extensions more quickly. We have listed a few tips for you to keep your...

Why our Brow Cosmetics are a real must-have!

Dienstag, 26 Mai 2020
What is most important to a woman? Besides the...

15 Quarantine tips for stylists

Montag, 23 März 2020
Strange times have come concerning the corona...

Everything you need to know about the Elite Bond and Princess Bond

Freitag, 21 Februar 2020
Perfect Eyelash has recently added two new...

Everything you need to know about the tweezers

Freitag, 24 Januar 2020
Do you know which tweezer you use for which...

DIY Lash up your Easter bunny

Mittwoch, 08 April 2020
Lash up you Easter bunny! In this DIY blog we...

Glue and oil, how about that?

Donnerstag, 27 Februar 2020
You’ve always known so clearly; glue for eyelash...


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